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Post by DustyBones on Fri Sep 16, 2011 5:40 pm

Xtreme Trucking is a company for an online truck simulation game
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Visual graphic only. Not related to actual game
Have you ever wondered what it was like to drive a semi truck? Now you can find out!
Hire on with our company & run our contracts to make the most money.
Lots of stuff to spend the money you earn on.
Over 50 trucks, engine upgrades, tires, gearing and lots more with more stuff to come.
Plan your routes for optimum profit. Fuel stops, wear and tear all play a big factor.

Check out our Collection & Assistant rates!
Collection 35% - Fuel Assistance 20% - Repair Assistance 20% - Ticket Assistance 0%
We are also looking for serious players for management positions.
Jobs will require moderating company forum, driver recruiting & bidding on contracts.

Over 3,300 players to date with more joining daily.

This is more of a text based game not a 2D or 3D game where you have to steer to drive a truck on a road.
Example of Route Display Screen in the game

Xtreme Trucking Routedisplay
Xtreme Trucking 2011


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