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LonePortal OPENING SOON! Empty LonePortal OPENING SOON!

Post by Pivetor on Sun May 15, 2011 6:27 pm

Yes, i feel it is time to start announcing LonePortal. The site i have been working on for quite a few months now. I am still looking for admins/owners, so if you are interested please PM me.

The site is the first of its kind, highly unique, and very organized/Professional. It has no designed topic, it is EVERY TOPIC! This is the biggest, and most wildly diverse site on the web. And its not even up yet. I put in much research to try to find a site quite like ours, but none matched. This site will be none stop updating, since it has everything, and everything grows every day, we will grow every day. Currently becoming online on may 20th 2011. (the time may change). All i have to say about the site is: The site is one, the site is all. The site is: LonePortal.com

Link to the actual site: http://www.LonePortal.com
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