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Post by Coolswagg100 on Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:34 am

Hey Guy's i have written this whole bymyself,

1.Logo- Not saying it's a bad logo,It just needs to be improved.And the background is kinda slang.If you know what i mean.I would suggest hiring a professional to make you sigs,logos,etc.

2.Navigation bar- Don't you think that your navigation bar is a bit empty? What i think you should do is give it a little more color to it.I mean it's just normal no images,That definately needs to be improved.

3.Theme- I haven't saw a theme like this on forumotion,looks quite simple and plain to me.I mostly see the simplicity theme on Phpbb© It's a great theme and all You just need to add a few of more buttons that match the forum Smile

4.Forum Version- I have noticed that your forum version is on phpbb3 am i correct? or is it on Phpbb2?I definately suggest removing the header and making it a bit more efficent.If that's of course your header is on phpbb2.

5.SEO-/- It seem's like you guys are getting used to it..I mean 77 members is good,But havn't you ever tryed Google Adwords? or bing or something else.I highly suggest you try them now Smile

That is all other than that your forum is in top shape Smile

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