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Post by Coolswagg100 on Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:24 am


A complete new edition to advertising,New style and theme.
and we have even more services that noone has to offer.

Why us?
Well i wouldn't say we're the complete best advertising forum out their,But we do offer some services that noone has to offer,Just like arcade promotion and Reverse ads...And well i don't wanna blurt out all of the services as you will soon enough find out if you decide to join Smile

What services do we offer....
We offer tons of advertising services..And some premium services to come soon.If you're the type of person to like arcade games and you happen to have made a game? you just came to the right place our specialty is amazingly services.

What does Grand-Advert mean?
Grand,Is "Represented for,This forum is grand,and sleek in design" and Advert means that we advertise!

Just advertising...?
No we do not just represent advertising along the end we do have some social chat discussions.Including some awsome new features with the beta version.So all that great stuff above? and you're gonna turn that down?

Your choice,Hope on down for some great advertising!


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